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Amnetic holds proprietary and independently validated technologies that will enable the competitive, non-disruptive, and cost effective production of Lithium based batteries
with energy densities of 5x -13x and greater.

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Our world has an ever expanding appetite for energy. While sources are abundant, our ability to capture and harness energy could certainly be better. A lot better! Amnetic seeks to do its part by improving the ability to effectively capture and harness more energy. 

Amnetic has a growing portfolio of advanced, globally patented, technology. Our primary focus is materials, specifically nano-technology, and the exciting science that continues to prove that good things do, indeed, come in small packages

Among our achievements is a cathode material that can significantly improve the performance of existing Li-Ion battery technology. That is just the beginning. Amnetic also has one of the most energy dense anode materials tested. A material that, we believe, represents a leap forward in Li-Ion technology.

Finally, there is Amnetic's patented solid-state battery materials that have shown results 100x greater than the energy density of today's Li-Ion batteries. We believe that Amnetic has merely scratched the surface of our technology and its greater potential.